SABIC expands random copolymer PP grades

SABIC expands random copolymer…
SABIC, a global plastics industry leader, today announced an important expansion of its polypropylene (PP) resin portfolio: two new random copolymer PP grades for cast film and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film applications.

The new grades – SABIC PP 622L and SABIC PP 621P– are engineered to meet growing customer demand for advanced film technologies such as multi-layer constructions, and for improved aesthetics and versatility. They provide significant advantages over homopolymers in a wide range of packaging applications, enabling converters to produce film with high clarity and exceptional sealing and puncture resistance performance. Applications include food packaging, lamination film, hygiene packaging, stationary film, and flower/textile packaging.

“Our new random copolymer grades provide our customers with an important advantage: new, high-performance options for their most demanding applications,” says Paul Wanrooij, Technical Marketing Engineer, SABIC. “By expanding our PP cast film portfolio, SABIC enables converters to create multilayer film concepts based on SABIC materials. The introduction of these random PP resins is a key part of our strategy to further expand SABIC’s position in the film conversion industry. We’re confident that our innovations will help customers meet changing requirements for beautiful yet practical and affordable packaging.”

SABIC PP 622L resin is formulated with a slip agent and anti-block technology for a low coefficient of friction (CoF). SABIC PP 621P resin, made without anti-block and slip agent, can be used for customized CoF requirements in tailored films.

Both materials provide a high level of clarity and gloss, low stress whitening and high tear resistance. The molecular structure of both grades is tailored for high performance processing. Both are compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Commission (EC) food contact regulations. They are able to deliver excellent sealing performance and puncture resistance for extended shelf life and increased safety in food packaging and other applications.


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