Reifenhäuser Group also among top 50 in "Germany's best employers" in 2022

Reifenhäuser Group also among…

Reifenhäuser is once again one of the top 50 employers in Germany this year. This is the conclusion reached by Stern magazine in cooperation with the market research institute Statista in its latest study on the image of employers in Germany. According to the study, the Troisdorf-based family company is ranked 33rd overall, ahead of well-known companies such as ENBW and Daimler. In the category "Mechanical and Plant Engineering", Reifenhäuser is the third best employer.

"We are very pleased with the result, which comes from the encouragement of our employees. The best machines are of no use to us if we don't have the greatest and most satisfied team," says Bernd Reifenhäuser, CEO Reifenhäuser Group.

The Stern article on the publication of the study focuses on the topic of family businesses. Here, the focus is on the question of what actually constitutes them. As a representative example, the employee family Frings has its say at Reifenhäuser: "Our grandfather was already here," says Bianca Frings. When the world needed masks in the spring of 2020, Reifenhäuser converted its own test facilities to 24-hour operation. All employees went along with it: "This has unbelievably welded us together," Bianca Frings continues.

Reifenhäuser employees recommend their own employer

The evaluation basis for the overall score of the study includes the two criteria of willingness to recommend one's own employer and other employers in one's own industry. The satisfaction of the respondents with the Reifenhäuser company is mainly determined by the very good performance in the surveyed topics "workload and balance", "pay" as well as "image and growth".

Behind these topics are evaluations of concrete statements such as: "I can organize my work myself"; "Family is taken into consideration"; "Social benefits are offered (pension scheme, insurance, ...)" or "The company management is firm and loyal to the employees".

A total of over 50,000 employees took part in the survey and rated their own company and other companies in the sector. The list of criteria includes image and growth, cooperation and supervisor behavior, further development and prospects, pay, conditions and equipment, sustainability, and workload and balance. The survey took place in June and August 2021.

Top employer, satisfied employees. The Reifenhäuser Group is one of the top 50 employers in Germany and the third best employer in the category "Machinery and Plant Engineering".

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