R&P Polyplastic will increase the deliveries of glass fiber reinforced grades

R&P Polyplastic will increase…

The leading Russian compounder is planning to increase the shipments of glass fiber reinforced grades within coming months both to domestic and European markets. Stocks of glass fiber and ready material along with high demand unveil the prospect of 10-15% growth compared to the previous month already in December.

The share of glass fiber reinforced compounds in the total supply of Polyplastic Trading House is about 24-25%. However, this year it has slightly decreased due to the problems experienced by manufacturers of glass fiber roving who significantly reduced its supplies to compounders.

“We were forced to cut the orders of some clients in order to provide the glass fiber reinforced grades to the companies having a strategic impact on the life and economy of our country such as automotive, household appliances industry as well as manufacturers of pipes for hot water supply and heating,” – says Pavel Kruglov, General Director of Polyplastic Trading House, an authorized commission agent of R&P Polyplastic.

Today, according to Pavel Kruglov, the stock of glass fiber roving is sufficient not only to produce at least 2000 tons of glass fiber reinforced grades per month, but also to increase the production in case of raised demand.