R&P Polyplastic is developing its relationship with one of the leading Polish distribution companies

R&P Polyplastic is developing…

R&P Polyplastic, one of the largest Russian compounders, started regular deliveries of Armamid PA6 GF15-1T material to Poland. The first lot of 10 tons was shipped in April. In July, the purchase quantity has been increased by over 2 times and amounted to 20.5 tons.

The end user decided to double his order after procession of the first lot of material delivered in spring proved the high quality of products made from R&P Polyplastic compounds.

In Poland Russian compounds are used for manufacturing industrial equipment. Impact-resistant glass-filled Armamid PA6 GF15-1T is designed for production by injection molding. The material is characterized by increased values of mechanical properties and high resistance to hydrocarbons – for example, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc., as well as mineral and synthetic oils, concentrated and weak alkalis, weak acids.

"We are not planning to stop at the achieved results after our second delivery of Armamid PA6 GF15-1T to Poland. Today, R&P Polyplastic is already negotiating with MOBI Sp. z o.o. to bring another material based on polyamide 6 to the Polish market. This suggests that Russian compounds are quite competitive on the European market", says Pavel Kruglov, Director General of Trade House “Polyplastic”, an authorized commission agent of R&P Polyplastic.

It is worth mentioning that since 2017, R&P Polyplastic has been implementing the "Export Rush" program aimed at promotion of Russian polymer compounds on foreign markets. One of the company's strategic goals is to increase the share of export shipments up to 25% from the total volume of sales by 2025.

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