Quality Seal "Innovative through Research" anew for Sigma

Quality Seal "Innovative through… In September 2018 Sigma Engineering GmbH, Aachen, Germany, again received the quality seal "Innovative through Research". In continuity of the past years, Sigma was certified as company with a strong commitment to research and development by the "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wirtschaft". Since the first awarding in 2014, Sigma belongs to the circle of awarded companies.

To continuously improve the Sigmasoft Virtual Molding Technology, Sigma is regularly engaged in research projects and works in close cooperation with universities as well as research institutes. "As technology driven company the continuous development of our software is very important to us. Only with this approach we can provide a product to our customers, which supports them in their daily challenges. For this reason we fully invest our revenue into development to encourage innovations", explains Timo Gebauer, Sigma's CTO.

But Sigma not only works in close cooperation with universities and research facilities, it is also actively involved in a number of associations. "The various meetings of the associations are an important opportunity to discuss up-to-date development topics with the industry as well as research facilities. Here we can learn more about the current situation of the plastic processing industry and which current challenges it is facing. And by doing so, we learn in which fields our development is of special importance to further improve plastics technology", adds Sigma General Manager, Thomas Klein.

The quality seal "Innovative through Research" appreciates Sigma's commitment in these areas. "The needs of our customers provide our company with the motivation to remain active in research and to further improve our product. We continuously invest in the development of our technology to promote innovations in injection molding", concludes Mr. Klein.

Source: Sigma

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