PolyOne replaces metal in sailboat rigging blocks

PolyOne replaces metal in sailboat rigging blocks
PolyOne Corporation, a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, announced that injection molder and assembler FKD B.V. has replaced metal components in sailboat rigging blocks with polymer solutions from PolyOne.

These redesigned blocks help FKD differentiate itself in the marketplace with components that enhance the sailing experience by saving weight, eliminating corrosion, and reducing maintenance.

“Replacing metal with polymer solutions is one of the significant ways we help our customers improve their products and grow their revenues,” commented Holger Kronimus, vice president, Europe and general manager, Engineered Materials Europe, PolyOne Corporation. “The polymer rigging blocks from FKD offer a dramatic improvement in physical performance, durability and customer excitement.”

FKD (Purmerend, the Netherlands) developed its rigging blocks in cooperation with sport sailors. According to FKD’s owner and director, Koos Bruinsma, “The innovative design of our rigging blocks relies on solutions from PolyOne to hoist the sails with minimal drag. The mainsail is easier to operate, reducing the sailors’ burden so that they can more fully enjoy their experience.” FKD manufactures rigging blocks in various colors and dimensions to fit many types of sailboats.

PolyOne worked with FKD to identify four polymer solutions for the various parts of these blocks. The completely assembled blocks make use of the special properties of OnForce™ LFT long-fiber reinforced polymer, two formulations of LubriOne™ wear-resistant polymer, and Bergamid reinforced polyamide. Each PolyOne material supported FKD’s goals for the final assembly, which include:

Strength with less weight: OnForce LFT long-fiber reinforced polymers supply the required mechanical strength with 50 percent less weight than metal.

Reduced friction for easier operation: LubriOne polymers reduce wear and friction, helping sailors to hoist their sails with less effort.

Corrosion resistance and durability: Bergamid polyamide features toughness as well as resistance to saltwater for reduced maintenance.


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