Plastoplan Polska offers Victrex PEEK

Plastoplan Polska offers Victrex…

Polyaryletherketones (PAEK)is a family of high performance plastics with unique properties. These semi-crystalline aromatic polymers have high mechanical strength even at very high temperatures. Another advantages of these materials are: high impact in low temperature, excellent creep resistance, good tribological properties, chemical resistance. Thanks to these combined characteristics PAEK materials are dedicated to highly demanding applications.

Polyaryletherketones due to very high thermal resistance and mechanical performance are located at the top of polymer pyramid. PEEK, PEK and PEKEKK are the main members of this polymer group. They are highly crystalline, with the maximum (theoretical) reaching 45%; usually at the level of 25-30% in the industrial applications and 40% in some processing techniques.


Excellent thermal resistance is indicated by glass transition temperature and melting temperature, as shown in the table below:

Tg [°C] 
Tm [°C] 
PEEK 143 343
PEK 152 373
PEKEKK 162 387
Thermal stability is shown in the ageing test. For example: after 1 year (8760 hours) ageing of PEEK at 200 C degrees no change of mechanical parameters was noted. The same result was obtained after 5 000 hours at 250 C degrees. The drop of mechanical strength by 50% was observed after 18 years ageing at 200 C degrees. 

Continuous use temperature of PEEK is 260°C, heat deflection temperature reaches 160°C for unfilled resins and 325°C for compounds with fillers. Thanks to this thermal resistance unfilled PEEK can be re-used up to 10 times in the processing, 30% of regrinded glass-reinforced compounds are accepted. 

Apart from high mechanical strength and thermal stability PEEK polymers are also not flammable: LOI = 24% for 0,4 mm thickness and  35% for 3,2 mm thickness. All PEEK grades are V0 at 1,45 mm.

PAEK polymers can be processed on standard plastics processing machines. Typical processing temperatures range is 360-400°C, recommended mold temperature 200°C. It is also recommended to dry PAEK at 150°C for minimum 3 hours.

Ease of molding and good material parameters give freedom to part designers, PAEK resins are frequently used as metal replacement.


Plastoplan Polska Sp. z o.o. is a distributor of Victrex plc, a leading producer of PAEK polymers, with a full range offer, as below


These materials are offered both as neat resins and as compounds, natural and black, packed in 25kg cartons.

Pictures and graphics: Victrex plc.