Nordson receives Innovation Award for wear coating technology for plasticating screws

Nordson receives Innovation… A new coating technology from Nordson Corporation that substantially increases the abrasion- and corrosion-resistance of single and twin plasticating screws has received an award for innovation at the recent 21st Plastpol Poland show in Kielce, Poland.

A jury panel commissioned by the Targi Kielce exposition center selected Nordson’s Xaloy® MPX™ wear coating technology for the award in the category of ‘Plastics Processing Tools and Equipment.” Presentation occurred at an evening gala held during Plastpol Poland 2017, which took place May 23-26.

“We are honored to be singled out among the prominent companies exhibiting at this important international event,” said Norbert Zając, Eastern Europe sales manager for Nordson’s Polymer Processing Systems brands. ‘’With the new and unique Xaloy MPX technology, we continue our history of leading-edge innovations, supporting customers with the tools they need to be successful.’’

Nordson recommends the Xaloy MPX technology for resisting abrasion from compounds with medium (15 to 35%) filler loadings and for resisting corrosion from halogenated materials, including flame retardants and PVC. The technology uses exceedingly tiny tungsten carbide spheres barely larger than the particles in cigarette smoke to yield a coating that resists wear better than standard coatings applied by high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) thermal spray.

Xaloy MPX thermal spray coating is made up of particles only 5 microns in diameter. Consisting primarily of tungsten carbide, the particles are six to seven times smaller than those in standard HVOF coatings and more densely packed owing to a uniform spherical shape produced in a controlled plasma process. The combination of ultra-fine particle size, higher coating density, and a 2.5 times greater application velocity results in a stronger bond with the parent metal of the screw and improved resistance to wear.

Compared with standard HVOF tungsten carbide coatings, the Xaloy MPX technology exhibits 61% less mass loss in ASTM G65 abrasion testing, 18% less mass loss in ASTM G77 sliding wear testing, and 8.5% greater bond strength in ASTM C633 bond testing. As an example of corrosion resistance, the Xaloy MPX coating survived more than 1,000 hours of salt fog testing, in part because of its near-zero porosity.

Source: Nordson Corporation