New sustainable and light-weight tubes for the packaging industry

New sustainable and light-weight…

Sustainable packaging has become a priority for all of us. Gabriel-Chemie Group, in collaboration with their partners has developed a series of tubes, that are representing the aspects of sustainability as well as aesthetics at once.

These light-weighed tubes have been designed for using less material but maintaining the same level of tube robustness. Due to the use of monomaterial, these tubes are easy to recycle. The flip-top closures are partially Near-Infrared (NIR) detectable and therefore ideal for easy waste separation. Finally, laser marking technology guarentees an ink-free, sustainable and reliable label process and meets all safety requirements of conventional labels without the need of lamination or glue.

As Michael Heindl, Team Leader Customer Projects at Gabriel-Chemie Group adds: “When I first heard about the project, I was immediately excited. All current topics such as weight reduction, mono material, sustainability and many more could be realized in one tool. The Spectacle of Nature series shows, that sustainability and fascinating colour effects can be perfectly combined. Plastic can be the solution, not the problem. Thank you to all involved partners and my great team, Technical Department Customer Service.”

Ulf Trabert, Business Development Manager at Gabriel-Chemie Group would also like to thank all collaboration partners for their prominent support, “it has shown again that teamwork as well bundeling know-how and enthusiasm leads to great success. Sustainability in plastics is our uttermost task and inspiration finding innovative packaging solutions, which we have realized in this tube series. Colour wise it hasn´t to be a grey or white packaging only. These outstanding tube colours stand for differentiation, individualization and high valuable packaging. Brand companies, packaging development as well as packaging designers are welcome to visit our Center of Competence at any time, finding decorative solutions for their brand series, sustainable solutions included.“

This project was a collaboration between 6 companies that made this appealing packaging possible:

Merck provides Colorstream effect pigments for packaging, Iriotec laser-sensitive pigments for durable laser marking and Ronastar pigments that veil shower gel in liquid shimmer. Gabriel-Chemie developed the masterbatch while Tupack produced the cosmetic plastic tubes. Additionally, KM Packaging offers the Flip-top closure manufacturing to open and close the tubes. Finally, Emil Kiessling fills each tube with shower gel and beLaser marks the flip-top closures and/or tubes with suitable laser marking technology.

Gabriel-Chemie thanks all of its partners for this successful cooperation as well as the common work towards making plastic packaging a sustainable and valuable material made for the future.

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