New organic pigments and polymer soluble dyes

New organic pigments and polymer…
Clariant helps its customers to fulfill the tightest requirements in the plastics industry with regards to product safety. Product safety covers various aspects, such as legal requirements - FDA, EU- and Chinese regulations and standards set by the industry. In order to respond to these market needs, Clariant has developed pigments and polymer soluble dyes fulfilling the legal regulations as well as specific industry standards, with a particular focus on the important topics of halogen content and lead chromate content in plastics applications.

Clariant has created a unique and comprehensive product range of high quality Low Halogen Controlled (LHC) colorants to support efforts to reduce the halogen content of, for example, E&E devices, consumer goods, and toys. The 13 organic pigments and 2 polymer soluble dyes allow customers to comply with IEC 61249-2-21 guidelines. The halogen content in these pigments is certified to be lower than 500 ppm (Bromine and Chlorine) and documented on Clariant's Certificate of Analysis.

Clariant's LHC colorants can be used for the E&E industry and other industries such as toys, consumer goods and food packaging. This new range covers 15 products which are marketed under PV Fast, Graphtol, Polysynthren and Solvaperm trade names with the LHC suffix indicating their low, controlled halogen content.

"With the launch of its low halogen controlled range of colorants, Clariant is supporting efforts to reduce the use of halogenated substances in consumer goods and contribute to less impact on the environment," comments Marco Cenisio, Senior Vice President & General Manager Business Unit Pigments, Clariant. "This innovation is part of our broader emphasis on product safety and the technical solutions we offer to help our customers comply with increasing safety requirements."

Lead chromate pigments are a further focus area for the plastics industry because of their known impact on health and the environment. Under REACH regulations, in the EU from May 2015 the use of lead chromate pigments will no longer be permitted for sale without approval by the authorities. Clariant offers a proven range of over 20 organic pigments covering the yellow and orange color space and technical solutions for replacing lead chromate pigments in a safe, and cost effective way. Clariant's PV Fast Yellow, Graphtol Orange, Graphtol Yellow and Novoperm Orange pigments are industry standards when it comes to lead chromate replacements with well-established levels of performance. The Clariant Technical Marketing team offers individual support, guidance and laboratory work to help customers achieve the best possible lead chromate-free color formulation.


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