New PP-LLDPE film for beverage market

New PP-LLDPE film for beverage market
Designed specifically to help customers in the beverage industry reduce transportation losses, SABIC has broadened its stretch film portfolio to include one of the first commercially available materials in Europe to combine polypropylene (PP) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). The film's high holding force (up to 12% compared to current solutions) for superior load stability is ideal for protecting heavy loads and is the result of SABIC’s constant focus on innovation and expertise in combination know-how. This film solution helps customers meet the demand for high-performance and optically-clear solutions, and can help them reduce costs.

"SABIC is proud of how we are helping our customers protect their goods during storage and transit with this unique blend of PP and LLDPE which offers a balance of increased strength and clarity and reduced thickness. Our customers' distribution flows are highly dependent on an efficient supply chain relating to cargo securing and load protection. SABIC's improved industrial stretch film for pallets ensure goods' stabilization and protects against the elements." said Lucio Baccaro, Technical Marketing Engineer LL-LDPE at SABIC.

By combining the properties of PP and LLDPE, SABIC's new film solution competes on maximum yield efficiency with existing alternatives, with its improved mechanical properties offering opportunities for downgauging. Thus customers use less plastic to wrap their pallets, resulting in reduced use of material and lower overall plastic consumption.

The film's improved transparency allows easy bar code reading and enables constant brand exposure. During transportation or on display on warehouse floors, the improved film provides a clear view of product names and brand logos, allowing customers to seize branding opportunities and a larger share of voice in the highly competitive marketplace.

Frank de Vries, Director LLDPE at SABIC added, "Topography, environment and customer needs vary and so do the functional specifications of wrapping for transport. Our global footprint means we are able to understand regional requirements, and are able to work with customers and other supply chain contacts to ensure that the goods arrive undamaged at their destination." "SABIC holds a leading position in the European film market in terms of market developments and portfolio", de Vries continued, "comprising PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE resins for use in food and beverage, industrial, agricultural and healthcare applications. Our extensive in-house capability, via a 'film development' team of technical engineers, continues to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers’ specific requirements, focusing on downgauging of film concepts and improved film functionality".

SABIC's new film solution also helps the construction industry protect and stabilize weighty and awkward-shaped pallet loads. Production is taking place at SABIC's manufacturing facility in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and is available to customers in Europe.


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