New Medical Competence Centre opens at the Gabriel-Chemie Germany Site

New Medical Competence Centre…

Since the early 80’s, medical products have been a central significance for the Gabriel-Chemie Group. Gabriel-Chemie Deutschland GmbH recently has been awarded with the EN ISO 13485 certification, the quality management system for medical devices. Our new Medical Masterbatch Competence Centre has wall-isolated machinery to eliminate external risks as well as isolated raw material and finished goods storage facilities among other features. Its convenient geographical location enables continuity of raw material sourcing and customer proximity as well as the benefits of a full-service centre at one location.

Mr. Andreas Berger, CFOO and Member of the Board of Gabriel-Chemie Group and Director Gabriel-Chemie Germany affirms “this investment in medical masterbatches will support our customers to ensure a high quality standard with supply continuity in the heart of Europe; our long experience, expert know-how as well as the requirement for only the highest quality are the pillars we stand on in this focus market”.

“We have been European pioneers of masterbatch for medical applications and we have differentiated ourselves for more than a decade through the EN ISO 13485 certification of our Austrian site. By adding a new EN ISO 13485 certified site, we are providing an additional, geographically close support to our customers”, adds Mr. Diego Karpeles, Corporate Business Development Manager at Gabriel-Chemie Group.

Gabriel-Chemie Deutschland GmbH is located in Ritzenschattenhalb 1, 87480 Weitnau, Germany and is a 100% GC owned and managed subsidiary.