New Lexan* PC films for secure ID cards from Sabic

New Lexan* PC films for secure…
SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business introduced two new breakthrough Lexan* polycarbonate (PC) film technologies for identification (ID) cards that help simplify integration of additional security features needed to combat identity theft and counterfeiting. New Lexan SDCX co-extruded film and Lexan SC92E flexible hard-coated film provide solutions to the challenges of constructing ID cards and security documents with more and thinner layers and complex manufacturing. Several years after SABIC’s successful introduction of the Lexan Secure ID film portfolio, this expansion of its security product offerings with Lexan SDCX and SC92E high-performance films clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to identity protection technologies that benefit smartcard manufacturers and consumers alike.

“Identity theft and the risk of counterfeiting call for increased functionality and innovation in electronic ID card design,” said Lennard Markestein, global marketing director, Specialty Film & Sheet, Innovative Plastics. “These two new Lexan* film technologies are critical additions to our ID card film portfolio, providing our customers significantly higher productivity in card production while incorporating a laser-engravable layer and a brand new option to create more sustainable cards with longer useful life of the ID cards.”

Lexan SDCX co-extruded film combines a core layer of white opaque or transparent Lexan film with a clear, laser-engravable cap layer to avoid the challenges of handling separate thin film layers. Lexan SC92E hard-coated film for card overlays surpasses standard PC film in durability, including scratch and chemical resistance, helping to extend useful life and reduce resource consumption.

Co-extrusion Solves Challenges of Ultra-thin Layers

As more sophisticated security features are incorporated into the latest electronic ID cards and documents, additional layers are required to construct them. Thus, the individual card layers become thinner – down to 50 microns or less – and the manufacturing process becomes more complex and challenging. Lexan SDCX co-extruded films solve these challenges by combining a very thin, laser-engravable layer with a thicker white opaque or transparent layer. This film permits high-quality, cost-effective laser engraving, including high-contrast personalization with a photo and signature of the cardholder. The print image inside the card cannot be modified without damaging the card.

Lexan SDCX films also provide outstanding resistance to heat and frequent bending, as well as minimal distortion. These films are produced in a 10,000 clean room environment. They are available in gauges ranging from 30-75 microns for the laser-engravable layer and from 120-275 microns for total thickness.

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