New Lexan* PC films for secure ID cards from Sabic

Hard-coated Lexan Film Stands Up to Wear and Tear

Lexan SC92E one side flexible hard-coated film has an excellent abrasion and gouge resistance compared to uncoated polycarbonate film. It also achieved a very good rating of HB (ASTM D3363) in the pencil hardness test, showing high resistance to scratching in everyday use. The product also helps the card surface maintain gloss and transparency over a longer period. One of the strengths of this overlay film is the excellent flexibility of the hard coat; a 1/8” Mandrel bend is possible without cracking or damaging the coating. Even after frequent bending, cards return to their original shape. These features not only extend the card’s service life but also better protect security features inside it, such as passport photos, signatures, personal data, and holograms, over a longer period to combat counterfeiting and misuse.

The hard coating also offers resistance to abrasive cleaning agents and to the chemicals found in sun creams, cosmetics, oils, greases and fuels. Another important feature of this coated film is the ability to be laminated under high pressure and temperatures of up to 190C without any loss of properties. Lexan SC92E films are available in thicknesses of 100 and 175 microns.

Potential applications for these new SABIC films include electronic ID cards, military, government and police ID cards, passport data pages, green cards, driver licenses and border crossing cards.

SABIC’s other Lexan SD high-performance PC film grades with the potential for manufacturing electronic ID cards and security documents include:
• Lexan SD8B14 film for clear overlays or intermediate layers, offering high optical quality and easy processing, including die cutting, printing, and applying CLI/MLI lens structures;
• Lexan SD8B24 bright white film for core layers, providing high opacity even at thinner gauges; and
• Lexan SD8B94 clear, laser-markable film, which can be used as the top or middle layer and provides grayscale graphics for high security personalization.

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