New Hostalen Resist grade for gas pipes

New Hostalen Resist grade… LyondellBasell announced the addition of Hostalen CRP 100 Resist CR Orange to its portfolio of high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins for pipe applications. This new Resist grade is used by customers in non-conventional pipe installation methods, such as no-dig or sand bed free installation for gas distribution piping systems.

"This new grade fulfills the material requirements of the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 1075:2009-04, which defines properties and requirements for PE piping for alternative installation methods," said Detlef Schramm, polyethylene pipe marketing manager for LyondellBasell. "The quality control and safety levels described by this PAS define a useful service life of at least 100 years for this type of material, including higher resistance properties."

Hostalen CRP 100 Resist CR Orange is classified as PE 100-RC and provides outstanding long term hydrostatic strength, which is confirmed by the Exova technical laboratory, the standard method ISO 9080:2003 and the Hessel testing laboratory.

This resin has superior resistance to slow crack growth, achieving more than 9,500 hours without failure in the Notched Pipe Pressure Test (NPT) and over 8,760 hours in the Full Notch Creep Test (FNCT). In addition, it provides high safety for installations without sand embedding, with direct backfilling or reuse of excavated soil, by ploughing-in or milling, and for no dig installations (such as horizontal drilling or burst lining).

Hostalen CRP 100 Resist CR Orange offers good processing capability with high melt viscosity for extrusion, injection and compression molding.

The Hostalen Resist family of grades is produced using LyondellBasell's Advanced Cascade Process (ACP) technology. In addition to Hostalen CRP 100 Resist CR Orange, these HDPE resins are also selected by customers for use in alternative installation methods for pressure pipes, where Hostalen CRP 100 Resist CR Black is preferred, and for drinking water pipes, where Hostalen CRP 100 Resist CR W Blue is used.

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