New Eltex MED LDPE launched by INEOS

INEOS Polyolefins announces the launch of Eltex MED LDPE, a range of polyolefins grades dedicated to meet the exacting and long-term requirements of Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging applications. These products are produced at the Bamble (Norway) polyolefins site.

Eltex MED LDPE is a leading brand for the Blow-Fill-Seal technology used in pharmaceutical liquid packaging, and which continues to replace traditional materials in these applications.

Primary Blow-Fill-Seal applications are IV fluid bottles and single dose ampoules for packaging of respiratory and ophthalmic treatment solutions - such applications can be steam treated up to 110 °C. The excellent performance EltexMED LDPE also suits the requirements of injection moulded packaging allowing sterilization with Eto-treatment or radiation up to 35 kGy.

EltexMED is dedicated to serving the Medical and Pharmaceutical markets which require long-Term continuity of supply and consistent product specification .These essential requirements are assured for all our EltexMED LDPE grades.Eltex MED LDPE grades are contamination-free and compliant with European Pharmacopeia, USP class VI, filed under DMF.

"Sterilization with Eto-treatment" is an Ethylene Oxide gas sterilization method commonly used in the industry. "Radiation treatment" is another sterilization method. The kGy unit means kiloGrey. This is standard measure of radiation dose.

INEOS is a young company. It has grown through a series of related acquisitions to become the world`s third largest chemical company with sales today approaching $45 billion.