New “Eco|Save|Pack” for fragile products

New “Eco|Save|Pack” for fragile products
“Eco|Save|Pack” packaging style is a safe and eco-friendly tray carton for the packaging of fragile products. This new solution was presented by Bosch Packaging Technology at Interpack 2011.The CUT 120 horizontal cartoning machine is used for the production and the performance of the machine is up to 120 pieces per minute.

The new packaging style was created by German companies, Bosch in cooperation with August Faller, an expert in pharmaceutical packaging. Possibility to handle fragile products with a high amount of protection in eco-friendly pack system, this is a short descriprion of the new “Eco|Save|Pack”.

Covered in more detail, due to its chambered design, the inlay porvides optimal protection against shifting and mutual contact, preventing damage to the product caused by impact, pressure or falls when storage in multi-packs or on pallets. Moreover it is easy to use due to its form, re-closable, folded carton from which it is easy to remove the product. An additional advantage is that any supplements in the form of booklets or pre-folded inserts can be stored inside the package.

Application of “Eco|Save|Pack” is mainly, but not only storing and transporting of fragile pharmaceutical products such as syringes, needles, pipettes, etc.

The importance of using the CUT 120 in the production can not be ignored. Simplified description of the production is as follows: horizontal cartoning machine erects the tray carton, fills and then closes it. The mashine is set due to the appriopriate project and single, multiple or combination packaging can be produced. An additional advantage of the Cut 120 is that it can be easily adapted to new application. The machine and its products constitute a harmonius duet for modern, eco-friendly and economical packaging system.