Netstal to present new PET lines at drinktec 2013

With the new PET-LINE 2400 as well as the new PET-LINE 4000, Netstal is responding to the global trends for continuous improvement of production and energy efficiency. Great emphasis is also placed on material, and hence, cost savings. Hydromechanically driven axes with state-of-the-art valve and control technology as well as a further increase in throughput performance of the injection unit make it possible for Netstal to reduce cycle times again, hence massively increasing output capacity. Thanks to the use of the innovative "Eco Powerunit" drive technology and the possibility of recovery in the intermediate circuit, energy savings of up to 10 percent can be realized at the same time. The parts-removal unit with the 2400kN and 4000kN clamping force variables of the PET-LINE series has been reworked and further optimized simultaneously. This now also offers exchange sets compatible with PET-LINE 3500.

Netstal has also refined the tried and tested Calitec system from the PET-LINE. This innovative cooling system supports the preform cooling process by exerting internal pressure in the preform. PET preforms are therefore optimally cooled without interruption after removal from the mold. Preblow extends this cooling phase with a blowing process in the base area. This further reinforces the advantages of the Calitec system: even shorter cycle times and a lasting improvement in preform quality. There is a clear advantage compared with the other solutions currently available on the market as complete consistency is now guaranteed throughout the entire process. The Netstal experts have had an increasing influence on key parameters, namely wall thickness and material build-up, and improved them significantly. As a result, the wall thickness in an optimal injection molding process is almost unchanging. DalPian is proud: "During an initial test with 1-liter juice bottles, a weight reduction of more than 1 g was attained, the distribution of the wall thickness could also be improved substantially – this is the highest level of innovative technology." and: "Our experts expect an additional savings potential of approx. 2 percent on the bottle."

In 2011, the PET activities were combined under the common roof of the Netstal brand. Under the leadership of Netstal, the sales and marketing of the high-quality and efficient PET systems is promoted worldwide under the names PET-LINE of the Netstal brand and PETForm of the KraussMaffei brand based on need in accordance with the wishes of the customer.



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