Netstal to present new PET lines at drinktec 2013

Netstal to present new PET lines at drinktec 2013
As a world premiere, the Swiss machine manufacturer will present the new PET-LINE 2400 for the first time at the drinktec 2013 in Munich (September 16 to 20, 2013, Hall B3, Booth 339). At the same time, the new PET-LINE 4000 will be available for individual inspection at works in Näfels. The company is thus responding to the global trend for optimizing production and energy efficiency. With the new PET-Line 2400, Netstal now has an extensive product range as well as comprehensive application and system expertise for beverage bottles and caps.

At the drinktec Netstal will demonstrate the manufacture of a 0.5 l lightweight preform on the PET-LINE 2400. The Swiss-based company Otto Hofstetter is collaborating as a partner for the mold. The molded part is produced in a total cycle time of just 5.4 seconds using a 72-cavity mold. The Italian-based company Piovan is responsible for the material processing and the air dryer. Devices from the Swiss company ef-cooling will take care of the cooling.
Increasing customer demand for top-quality high-performance and high-precision injection technology and for system solutions

"We are currently experiencing increasing customer demand for high-quality beverage bottles and caps. Customers are increasingly appreciating the fact that we are able to develop the right system solution with the right system for specific applications. Thanks to our high level of expertise and power of innovation, we can guarantee maximum cost effectiveness and the most efficient production for our customers," explains Markus DalPian, Head of Business Unit PET. Focus on the customer applications is top priority. An extensive, close-knit partner network means that Netstal's turnkey system solutions are geared toward top quality, the shortest cycle times and the lowest material costs.




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