Moretto at Chinaplas 2019

Moretto at Chinaplas 2019

Moretto, Italian leading company in the automation for plastics processing industry, will participate at Chinaplas 2019 (Guangzhou, 21-24 May) together with the team of the local branch based in Shanghai. Chinaplas represents for Moretto an unmissable event to meet Asian plastics processors and to support the great work of the Chinese branch, which is considerably increasing its business. 

Today injection, extrusion and PET processing are characterized by specific complexities and high levels of performance, in which production and energy efficiency play key roles. The Moretto’s local branch promptly respond to the needs of Chinese plastics processors providing efficient and low energy consumption machines, turnkey solutions, and supporting them with know-how and services, pre-during and after sale.

The impression of Industry 4.0 is evident on all product lines, Moretto offers a wide range of smart and automatic machines, mainly required by sectors such as automotive, medical and packaging, where Moretto records his better performance.

Among them Moisture Meter Manager is a real excellence of Moretto’s drying range. This revolutionary device read In-line the moisture content of the granule, manage and control in close loop the drying process guaranteeing product certification and incredible energy savings. Moisture Meter Manager marks a revolution on the traditional drying concept and create a perfect ''drying on demand''.

At Chinaplas Moretto will highlights the powerful mini dryers X Comb , a complete range characterized by strong turbocompressors, zeolite technology, dew point equalizer (up to -60°C) and the exclusive OTX hopper. X Comb is mostly requested by strong sectors, like medical and automotive, for drying small quantities of material (hourly production from 1 to 20 Kg/h) and saving 50% of energy.


X COMB - Mini Dryers

Another relevant 4.0 innovation displayed at Chinaplas is One Wire 3, a server dedicated to the centralized management of the entire plastic granule transport system. One Wire 3 can simultaneously control up to 80 clients (receivers, suction units, manifolds), coordinating the call

priorities according to the FIFO (First In-First Out) logic and being able to operate in Dual Zone mode. An intelligent, self-configurable and easily extensible device, capable of controlling the entire transport process by any point of the network by the Master 300 removable palmtop and, like most Moretto products, also seamlessly interfaces with Moretto’s MOWIS supervisory control system.

MOWIS Supervising Supervising and Management System 4.0

Moretto will also present solutions for thermoregulation and a great range of dosing machines:  the new loss-in-weight dosing unit DPK, the gravimetric dosing unit DGM Gravix and DBK Gramixo, ideal for extrusion. These devices allows high precision dosing, modularity, reaction speed, connectivity and remote control.


DGM Gravix - Batch gravimetric dosing units

Every machine is connected to MOWIS 3, the advanced supervision and management system developed by Moretto for the integrated control of the entire supply chain in plastics processing plants. MOWIS 3 allows the interconnection of machines, processes, departments and creation of regular reports. It overcomes the limits of traditional supervision by adapting to the needs of quality, production efficiency and management of each customer. A modular software with a unique and self-configurable interface that makes it easy to use and allows an immediate check of the factory status.

Source: Moretto