Maag Group at Chinaplas 2023

Maag Group at Chinaplas 2023

Maag Group is a broadly diversified global solutions provider of Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing & Pulverizing Systems, Recycling Systems and digital solutions.

More and more new developments in plastics are being made in China, one of the strongest growth markets in the world. Maag Group takes this into account and will be present at Chinaplas in Shenzhen, China, from April 17-20, 2023 in the German Pavilion in hall 10, booth No. F11.

Our experts on site will be happy to inform you about our product portfolio for the polymer industry:

The Maag Group extrex gear pumps GA are designed for common thermoplastic extrusion applications and offer a high overall efficiency and hence minimum abrasion due to leading gear and bearing technology. They convince with low pulsation pump action also in cases of high differential pressure and a simple and compact design. With over 15’000 Maag gear pumps installed in China, you know that you have competence on your side.
The newly developed extrex recycling pump ensures reliable extrusion in the recycling process. The extrex features an optimized geometry that, in many cases, eliminates the need for an upstream protective filter, saving space and reducing the energy required for heating and drive power. Like all Maag pumps, extrex is designed to meet the high demands of everyday operation.

Maag Ettlinger ERF 350 is a high-performance melt filter for the filtration of heavily contaminated polymer feedstock. The filter is self-cleaning with a rotating, perforated drum, through which there is a continuous flow of melt from the outside to the inside. A scraper removes the contaminants that are held back on the surface and feeds them to the discharge system. This enables the filter to be used fully automatically and without any disruptions over long periods without having to replace the screen. The advantages: Reliable melt filtration, ultra-low melt losses and good mixing and homogenizing of the melts.

ERF, high-performance melt filters remove impurities and contaminants from the recycling melt stream

The Baoli-3 strand pelletizer is outfitted with German-made core components and has been designed for use with both hard and soft pelletizing materials. The most noteworthy highlights are its compact design that features height-adjustment, left-side/right-side control capabilities that provide greater operational flexibility, and reduced noise generation during operation. At the same time it offers easy access for cleaning making it easy for maintenance, material changes, and color changes. The Baoli-3 pelletizer is based on Maag’s more than six decades of experience and an installed base of nearly 1’000 Baoli pelletizers in China to develop a new and enhanced version which provides high reliability, improved handling, and an optimized cost/benefit ratio.

Baoli-3 – Highly reliable strand pelletizer with countless references

The Zhuli system is a highly flexible, cost-efficient underwater pelletizing system designed for use with standard products, such as filled Polyolefins, Polyesters and Thermoplastic Elastomers. Zhuli’s cutting tools deliver spherical pellets of the highest quality that are ideally suited for further processing, with throughput rates of up to 1,200 kg/h. The pelletizing system has a small footprint and is simple to operate.

Zhuli system - highly flexible, cost-efficient underwater pelletizing system

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