MEWAR Award “Plastics Recycling Company of the Year 2021” given to Consent FZCO

MEWAR Award “Plastics Recycling…

A jury of international waste recycling experts has named CONSENT FZCO as Plastics Recycling Company of the Year 2021.

CONSENT, based in Dubai collects over 6.000 tonnes of PET bottles from waste sites annually and processes these to high quality PET bottle flakes, using a state-of-the-art recycling unit developed and integrated by themselves. Along with PET bottles, PET strapping tape from post- industrial units are also processed by having best practices in the environmental business and sustainability in the region.

In a second process, CONSENT uses Gneuss MRS extrusion technology to produce high quality and high tensile Polyester (PET) strapping by adding recycled PET bottle flakes along with chopped post-industrial PET strap.

The Gneuss MRS extruders remove the need for pre-drying or crystallisation of the PET flakes. Additionally, the Gneuss multiple screw MRS extruder and the Gneuss Rotary Melt Filtration System ensure the optimum product quality.

Since 2019, the “Waste & Recycling Middle East and Africa” magazine gives awards to innovative and sustainability-oriented plastics recycling companies in the Middle East. As part of an annual gala event, individuals and organisations from the plastics recycling world are honoured who and which have made an exceptional contribution to ecological and economic sustainability.

“We are extremely proud, to have received this renowned prize” commented a delighted Alan Sakr (CEO of CONSENT). “Since 2013, we have collected 56.000 tonnes of PET from landfill sites in the United Arab Emirates and reprocessed it. If you use the investigations by Stanford University as a basis, whereby one tonne of recycled plastic saves approximately 16 barrels of crude oil, 5,5 m³ landfill and 5.774 kWh of energy” explained Alan Sakr, “then with our efforts we have in the meantime saved nearly 913.000 barrels of crude oil, 323 kWh of energy and saved of 308.000 m³ of landscape from landfill”.