LyondellBasell grants Lupotech T Process license to Samsung Total Petrochemicals

LyondellBasell grants Lupotech T Process license to Samsung Total Petrochemicals
LyondellBasell today announced that Samsung Total Petrochemicals Co. Ltd., a joint venture of Samsung Group and Total S.A, has selected the Lupotech T process technology from LyondellBasell for its new 200 KT per-year low density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer plant in Daesan, South Korea. Start-up is projected for 2013.

“Lupotech T is the clear market leader in LDPE and EVA technology, with more than nine million tonnes per year of licensed capacity,” said Bob Patel, LyondellBasell Senior Vice President of Olefins and Polyolefins, Europe, Asia, International (EAI), and Technology at LyondellBasell. “This is the second polyolefin process technology license agreement with Samsung Total in the past six years.”

Samsung Total also operates a 250 KT per year Spherizone polypropylene plant licensed from LyondellBasell at the Daesan Petrochemical Complex.

Key features of Lupotech T technology include low manufacturing and investment costs, fast start-up and grade changes, high on-stream factor and capacities of up to 450 KT per year, which make it today’s technology of choice for the production of LDPE and EVA copolymers.

LyondellBasell is a leading licensor of polypropylene and polyethylene technologies with more than 250 polyolefin process licenses. In addition to the Lupotech T process, LyondellBasell’s portfolio of licensed polyolefin technologies and associated technical services includes:

Spherilene – a flexible, gas-phase process technology for the production of LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE.
Hostalen – a low-pressure slurry process for the production of high-performance multimodal HDPE.
Spherizone – the latest-generation polypropylene technology based on a multi-zone reactor for the production of polypropylene and novel polyolefins.
Spheripol – the leading polypropylene technology for the production of homopolymer, random and heterophasic copolymers.
Metocene PP – an innovative add-on technology for the production of specialty polypropylene products using single-site catalyst systems.