LyondellBasell donates $1.3 million to support foodbanks

LyondellBasell donates $1.3…

LyondellBasell is donating $1.3 million to support the COVID-19 response efforts of the Global FoodBanking Network and United States local food banks.

While its materials are found in many applications critical to protecting and preserving health and safety such as medical devices, protective equipment, cleaning products, and various pharmaceutical applications, the company is now also targeting another kind of pandemic victim – people dependent on food banks to feed themselves and their families.

"Even in the best of times, hunger and food insecurity is a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this need even more severe as food banks around the world have experienced an increase in demand and a decline in food donations," said LyondellBasell CEO Bob Patel.

LyondellBasell's donation will support food banks in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Thailand and The Netherlands. In the United States, food banks in communities where the company has major operations will benefit from the donation, including Akron, Cincinnati, Clinton, Corpus Christi, Evansville, Geneva, Houston, Jackson (Tennessee), Lake Charles, Mansfield, Bay City, Morris, North Kingsville and Tuscola.

"The pandemic has disrupted various facets of our lives and millions of people, many who have not needed relief before, are depending on our food banking organizations to keep food on the table," said Lisa Moon, President and CEO of The Global FoodBanking Network. In addition to donating funds to support food banks,  LyondellBasell has also donated isopropyl alcohol to Huntsman for production of 5-tons of hand sanitizer to help protect health care workers treating COVID-19 patients.