Lights on and full speed ahead

 Lights on and full speed ahead
Hotter, lighter, faster - headlight systems used in the automotive sector are subject to increasingly stringent and in some cases, conflicting requirements. Increased road safety, lower fuel consumption and resistance to high temperatures must be integrated thoughtfully into modern designs. Polyethersulfone (PESU) Ultrason E from BASF can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 180°C and for a brief time, even up to 220°C. The material is lightweight and easily metallized - ideal for use in headlights.

In addition, this high-temperature thermoplastic offers an interesting combination of advanced properties, which match the needs of this application precisely. These include its resistance to environmental influences such as exposure to moisture, and vibrational related stresses.

Integrated design and functionality

The polyethersulfone is known specifically for its high dimensional heat stability which enables the production of complex and delicate geometries – crucial for linking together functionality and low-weight design in a cost-efficient manner. Thanks to its good demoldability, Ultrason® E can easily be removed from the injection mold.

New at Fakuma: even more dimensional stability for Ultrason

Development continues, BASF will showcase recent developments with the high-temperature plastics portfolio next to the headlight reflectors at the Fakuma Plastics Trade Fair in Friedrichshafen/Germany from October 17-21, 2017 at booth 4306 in Hall B4. BASF engineers have optimized Ultrason E Dimension, a highly filled PESU known for its extraordinary dimensional stability, for automotive and household applications.

The headlight reflector in the Hyundai ix35

The headlight reflector in the Hyundai ix35 made from Ultrason E, polyethersulfone from BASF, is not only highly functional but also elegant in design. In addition, it can continuously withstand high temperatures

Source: BASF


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