Latest cube tool technology for white goods industry runs with Polykemi PP-compound

Latest cube tool technology…

At K2019, a new cube tool concept was launched and was given the respectful name “The Magic dice of steel” by the trade press. In this new cube tool concept, dishwasher wheels consisting of two components made of two plastic raw materials with different mould temperatures, was simultaneously injected and assembled in one system. 

One component (see second picture) is manufactured in the Polykemi material POLYfill PPH TS5040DS, a highly filled mineral-reinforced polypropylene with additional additives required by the white goods industry. The other part is made of a special POM. 

Polykemi AB is a global player with production facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA. When it comes to the worldwide white goods industry for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, Polykemi is a competent contact and development partner for the OEM's/TIER1.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Polykemi has been supplying talcum and talcum special reinforced polypropylenes and PP for high-gloss surfaces comparable to ABS. Polykemi has also been delivering PP HC GF high-tech grades and PP with halogene free flame retardency class V0, as well as ABS in various colors for interior and exterior parts. Applications include control panels, detergent drawers, vanes, door frame rings, base groups, cover plates, funnels, base panels, frames, wheels for lids, etc.

Polykemi and its subsidiary Rondo Plast also engaged in the current hot topic of the use of recycled based compounds at an early stage. Already in the mid-1990s, when recycling was still in its beginning, the compounder was a close cooperation partner of a large OEM in developing products based on recycled material. Both heat-resistant, talcum-reinforced polypropylene and ABS for non-visible parts where developed and brought into series production. 

Over the years, the business partners have appreciated the focus of quality, flexibility and networking of the worldwide Polykemi production plants together with the in-depth knowledge of the R&D departments. These capacities has played a major role from the development phase up to the series production of numerous complex projects and components.



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