Lanxess raises prices for compounds

Lanxess raises prices for…

Specialty chemicals group Lanxess is increasing prices for its engineering plastics with immediate effect or as contracts allow. The adjustment affects Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The increase for individual products of the brands is as follows

  • Durethan A (polyamide 6.6) unreinforced + EUR 0.80/kg, reinforced + EUR 0.70/kg,
  • Durethan B (polyamide 6) unreinforced + EUR 0.50/kg, reinforced + EUR 0.40/kg,
  • Pocan (polybutylene terephthalate, blends) unreinforced + EUR 0.80/kg, reinforced + EUR 0.70/kg

and applies in addition to the adjustments announced in December 2020. For individual materials higher adjustments may be necessary.

The increase is unavoidable as the costs for raw materials, logistics and energy have once again raised significantly and − for the most part − exceed the levels that existed prior to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic.