Laabs Art Gallery at Plastpol 2024: Art and Technology in Kielce

Laabs Art Gallery at Plastpol…

During the Plastpol 2024 fair, set to take place from May 21 - 24 , attendees will have the opportunity to experience an extraordinarily intriguing exhibition titled "Plastics and Art." This event is organized in collaboration with Laabs Art Gallery and the Kielce Trade Fair Centre, showcasing a unique combination of art and modern plastic processing technologies.

In hall A, at booth number 130, artworks from Laabs Art Gallery in Eberswalde near Berlin will be displayed, where the gallery regularly exhibits oil paintings by Dr. Magdalena Laabs, Engineer Adam Laabs, Victo ria Laabs, and Alexandra Laabs. Additionally, visitors will be able to see works by Jolanta Kurzela, Claire Dubois, Anna Beata Kaniecka, and Jolanta Filek, as well as plastic sculptures by Tom Dierick from Begra.


The exhibition will feature numerous award - winning pieces, including "Mysterious Beauty with Feather Crown" by Magdalena Laabs, a winner of the Artista d’Europa award, and "The Spirit of Speed" and "The Strength of the Bull in the Shadow of Speed" by Adam Laabs, which have garnered international recognition and were exhibited in Milan and Paris in 2024.

Another painting by Magdalena Laabs, "My Angel" , depicting a portrait of her deceased mother, highlighted in the Top Selection Paris 2024 and displayed in April and May at the Thuillier Gallery in Paris. At the Plastpol Fair, you can also see "Herald of Happiness" - the latest work by Magdalena Laabs, aimed at bringing joy to personal and business life, full of optimism and positive energy, inspiring the att raction of prosperity and harmony. Each of these works draws attention with a unique combination of artistic impression and technical precision.


Additionally, the exhibition will provide opportunities for meetings with artists and creators, allowing visit ors to better understand how art can inspire innovation and contribute to the development of modern technologies. Dr. Magdalena Laabs will also present her latest publications, including the book "Successful Mindset" - The key to achieving Your goals - 23 proven principles how to achieve your Goals”, a co - authored work by Magdalena Laabs and Brian Tracy, which combines experience in the plastics industry with universal success principles.

This unique combination of art and technology at Plastpol 2024 is no t just a chance to see exceptional works but also an opportunity to deepen knowledge about the impact of creativity on innovations in the plastics and art industry. We invite all who want to experience how innovative approaches can change the world of plas tics and art.