KraussMaffei at the NPE: "Make plastic green"

Innovative mixing heads for ColorFom - efficient, sustainable production with small s and easy color changes

Come and see another groundbreaking development for yourself at the NPE: KraussMaffei ColorForm is based on the proven multi-component injection molding process. The outstanding feature of this process is that the thermoplastic base carrier is flooded with high-quality polyurethane (PUR) or polyurea (PUA) as a surface material in the second cycle after the injection molding process. The result is a surface of exceptional quality and scratch resistance.

The surface material (PUR/PUA) is applied using the RimStar Flex ColorForm reaction machine specially developed for this process in combination with the mixing head, which feeds the materials directly into the cavity. The outstanding feature of this mixing head is its innovative color nozzle, which enables a drag-free color change.
Thanks to the compact design of the mixing head, it can be easily integrated into the mold and installed in easily accessible positions in the clamping area of the injection molding machine. The central media supply ensures constant temperature control and outstanding mixing quality.

The mixing heads for ColorForm therefore offer an efficient production solution that impresses with its small , simple handling and innovative technologies. ColorForm technology for high-quality surfaces is used in the automotive industry for both interior and exterior applications.


ColorForm surfaces are not only transparent, high-strength and robust, but also self-healing. The production of substrates and surfaces in a single work step is particularly efficient and sustainable.

KraussMaffei presents a wide range of mixing head models and provides insights into their functionality

At the NPE KraussMaffei will not only be presenting groundbreaking innovations, but also providing fascinating insights into how its various mixing head models and metering pumps work. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the different functions and inner workings of these models in order to gain a deeper understanding of the processes and the manufacturing process.