Kraiburg TPE provides adhesion and clean eating

Kraiburg TPE provides adhesion…

The Babynator learn-to-eat set for babies and toddlers makes eating cleaner. The non-slip system comprises a self-adhesive mat made of Thermolast K from Kraiburg TPE that firmly holds in place exchangeable accessories such as plates and bowls. The “Babynator” is available as a set or separately, in many different colors.

Babyhood and infancy are challenging – and not just for parents. Objects that are used every day also go through a daily endurance test. This is where the solution developed by a start-up business in Styria, Austria, comes into play. The technology using an adhesive plate was originally developed for pets and was perfected to create the “Yummynator”. In the next step, the product was further developed in accordance with all the rules and regulations required for materials that are used for babies and in contact with food – the Babynator was born. The product’s highlight: The mat made of Thermolast K provides adhesion to many tables and high chairs. The mat is available as part of a set, or separately from the bowl and plate, and in various colors.

The key factor in the project is that the compound adheres to different surfaces. To ensure safe use in lots of different households, the material needs to provide adhesion to the surfaces of as many types of table and high chair as possible. But that can only be achieved if the material stays flat on the surfaces, without forming bubbles or ridges. The compound therefore has good processing properties and a high degree of dimensional stability. Another advantage of the product solution is that high-brilliance colors and special-effect colors can be used. A bayonet mount that is directly integrated into the mat using multicomponent injection molding serves to attach various plates and bowls made of polypropylene easily and safely, so that the dish is always held securely in place.


Each individual part of the product can be safely used in contact with food and meets all the standards:

  • BPA-free
  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • US FDA CFR 21 (raw materials conformity)
  • EN71-3

Additional advantages are: The compound used also has a non-sticky surface, so that it is more resilient to dirt than other materials. In addition, due to its special composition the material does not leave any spots of oil and grease or any marks on different materials. Untreated wood surfaces, in particular, are therefore perfectly protected.

“Along with excellent advice and a flawless product, Kraiburg TPE provides service worthy of the name. The company’s support continued long after the actual purchase. Kraiburg TPE offers a complete package and our customers benefit from it,” Marcus König, the founder of Babynator, sums up.

The Babynator is also familiar from television programs such as TV channel VOX’s entrepreneurs’ show “The Lions’ Den – Die Höhle der Löwen”, in which Ralf Dümmel of DS Produkte GmbH pledged financial assistance to the Babynator startup business. The product solution was also nominated for the German Design Award 2021 and won the award in the “Excellent Product Design, Baby and Child Care” category.