Kiilto and Woodly are planning to launch novel wood-based packages for consumer products

Kiilto and Woodly are planning…

Kiilto, a manufacturer of chemical industry products and Woodly, a Finnish company that has developed a novel wood-based plastic, are working together to develop Woodly packages for domestic cleaning products manufactured by Kiilto. The goal is to launch the first novel packages by the end of 2021.

Kiilto has set itself the goal of being the environmental leader in its sector, and ecological product packaging is a concrete action towards achieving this goal. Woodly, on the other hand, is working to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and carbon emissions by offering a more ecological alternative to conventional fossil-based plastics.

“Kiilto is a brand with clear environmental responsibility goals, recognised and valued by Finns. Our role at Woodly is to help achieve these goals for packaging. Disclosure of the cooperation is an important milestone on our journey to a greener future,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.

Kiilto's goal is for 70% of packaging to be made of recycled or renewable materials or to be reusable by 2025. The cellulose used by Woodly as its primary material comes from responsibly managed and FSC-certified forests. Wood-based plastic can be used for a variety of packaging applications and produced by the same methods as conventional fossil-based plastic. After use, Woodly packages can be recycled as plastic.

“It's important for us to display our environmental values in concrete actions. Like many other companies, we have already announced our goals for ecological product packaging. However, there aren't suitable fossil-free alternatives readily available in the market, so we took it upon ourselves to develop them with Woodly,” says Oili Kallatsa, Research, Development and Innovation Director at Kiilto.

Development work on novel packaging is underway.

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