K 2013 - the summary

Also posting a significant plus was the proportion of visitors from North America: some 8,100 visitors were registered from the USA and Canada - 1,300 more than at K 2010. Some 11,000 specialists came from Latin America, i.e. about as many as came three years ago. Forming the largest contingent were experts from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

Another gratifying increase was also noted in the number of visitors from South Africa with some 2,000 hailing from there.

Amongst visitors from neighbouring European countries the Netherlands dominated with 8,000 visitors followed by France, Belgium, Great Britain and Italy. There was also a noticeable rise in interest from Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Across all national borders there was a disproportionately high number of managers amongst trade visitors: about two-thirds came from top or middle management. Well over half played a decisive or co-determining role in their companies’ investment decisions. The proportion of visitors from research, development and design was also considerable.

Solutions for saving resources and energy efficiency dominate many product launches and the sector is marked by a desire to manufacture products in an environmentally friendly yet cost-effective way. Machinery and plant construction, the largest exhibiting sector at K 2013 with some 1,900 exhibitors, was also at the focus of visitor interest: just under two-thirds of all visitors polled said they particularly wished to gather information on the innovations in this sector. For 42% of trade visitors the presentations of raw and ancillary material producers were of prime interest while 22% mainly directed their attention to semi-finished goods and technical components made of rubber and plastic (multiple responses possible). Visitors came from all key user sectors - from the building industry and vehicle construction, packaging as well as electrical and medical engineering through to agriculture. Overall, visitors to K 2013 gave their best grades to the range on show in the 19 halls of the exhibition centre: 96% affirmed that they had fully achieved the goals of their visit.

Also meeting with great interest amongst trade visitors from throughout the world was the K 2013 special show entitled "Kunststoff bewegt - Plastics move the World". This show highlighted the contribution made by plastics to a "life in movement". The aim here was to address the direct contribution of plastics to the varied facets of mobility as well as emotional movement - for instance, by way of art and design. Future-oriented issues revolving around the major themes of population growth, energy needs and climate change were also discussed. The stand opening on 16 October saw Germany's former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer discuss the issue of sustainability.

The next K Düsseldorf will be held from 19 to 26 October 2016.