Interview with Adam Maciejewski, General Manager in Global Colors Polska

What is the company's position regarding other members of Global Colors Group?
Without a doubt our company is appreciated. There would not be a volume of such investments from the Greek side, if we were not perceived as a valuable part of the whole group. We put a lot of effort in researching, expanding market and creating new solutions. It causes both recognition and decision to invest substantial sums in the expansion of our plant. The Greeks saw, in business terms, that their investment pays for itself and it was the most visible and positive evaluation of our previous efforts.

In addition, to answer this question, the plastics processing market in Poland is very attractive. There are a number of segments, where Global Colors Poland is still not present, because even our improved machinery is not sufficient for entry to these areas at the moment. It only demonstrates the potential of what is ahead. In comparison to other members of Global Colors Group, we have the advantage that we operate a growing market and have to manage it in the future.

Everything seems so perfect. What are the difficulties the company faces during everyday operations?
We had different challenges three years ago, and new challenges now. Currently, the problem is the availability of the raw materials. Of course, not only for us but for everyone. To maintain our position, we have to maintain a high level of supply. Meanwhile, the situation in Europe is not favorable. There is a lot of turbulence in the raw materials sector and it affects the availability of offered pigments. The situation is also bad for the white titanium market. These factors affected operations of companies like GCP. Obviously we are looking for alternatives in this area, ensuring the high quality of our products.

Competition from Asia is rising each year. Asian manufacturers offer cheaper masterbatches and thus they can successfully enter the European markets. But we have our own, strong attributes to maintain our market position.

The factors mentioned above are external, but there is also an internal issue. Concerning Central and Eastern Europe market, Poland is the country where the biggest competition in the masterbatches sector exists. Other countries in our region have a few, up to a dozen suppliers of those products; there are more than a few dozen in Poland. Of course not all companies equally matter, but there are plenty of them. Despite a high barrier to entry into this sector, many companies see a future into this sector. And we have to face the competition. I am highly convinced that the GCP will continue to be a leading player in this market and we will meet these challenges.

How you see Global Colors for the next 10 years?
I wish to enlarge the portfolio of our products and focus not only on the current base of polymer used in GCP masterbatches , but also develop masterbatches applied to carriers such as engineering plastics, PVC and PLA. This is our future, and sooner or later we have to get involved. These are the main expectations directed towards the manufacture, our internal organization and our customers; we have learned it at the Plastpol fair in Kielce.

However when it comes to contacts with the outside, I wish myself to perceive Global Colors Polska as the most important partner for the companies which are already our customers. I would like also GCP to be a first choice for other companies from the market niches, which are not our clients yet. If it happens, the second decade of the existence of Global Colors Polska also will be a success. And it happens!

Finally let's do a small jump in the past. How did it happen that 10 years ago Global Colors Polska has appeared in Poland, namely in Kędzierzyn – Koźle?
Global Colors Polska SA legally started its activities in Poland in early June 2001. The company is located in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, where the manufacture and refining color masterbatches for plastics, our main product, is decades-long tradition. The masterbatches were produced earlier by the Chemical Plant "Blachownia" and after the restructuring by the "POLI-CHEM" Ltd.

Global Colors Polska bought part of the assets associated with the production and distribution of masterbatches. Afterwards the great part of the employees joined GCP. And this was the largest and most priceless asset in creating of Global Colors Polska in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Without people- experienced workers absolutely involved in the development of the company, the company would not exist.

Thank you for the conversation