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Intelligent automation solutions…

Baumüller will be presenting numerous new products at the SPS trade fair from November 26 to 28 in Nuremberg. In hall 1, stand 560, Baumüller will be displaying clever motor concepts, intelligent drive functions and powerful control platforms on various stations. The connectivity and interoperability of components via OPC UA and cloud connectivity will be presented in the Industry 4.0 area. 

Baumüller components extended to include IoT connectivity 

Baumüller is extending its components to include further, extensive IoT functions. This makes it easy to network and control of machines and machine modules through to individual automation components. With the new IoT functions, data can be collected, preprocessed and output directly at other terminal devices or on the cloud. They make extensive and complex data analyses possible, in order to enable Industry 4.0 applications, such as predictive maintenance. At the same time, new business models, such as “x per use” can be achieved.  

Individual parameterization for the analysis of data through to creation of their own dashboards by users can be undertaken directly on the component. The available MQTT module allows data to be read in from different clouds; regardless of the respective cloud provider. It also includes an OPC UA module, which ensures interoperability at machine level.  

With Node-Red, the components have a graphic parameterizing interface (flow based), so that data can be analyzed, further processed and visualized directly at the machine.  

Data from different manufacturers’ devices can be processed. Data from Baumüller products, for example, of a b maXX converter, can be output in parallel to the fieldbus via the internal protocol and thus via the service interface. Due to the enhanced functions, the connectivity of Baumüller devices, such as the b maXX PCC04, with other automation components can be established via OPC UA. 

New generation of the b maXX 5300 module systems – higher security functions, greater flexibility 

The b maXX 5000 converter family has convincingly high-performance power units, flexible expandability and an integrated communication concept. With the new edition of the b maXX 5300, Baumüller is revising its module systems and is making them even more powerful and flexible for customer use. Thanks to numerous hardware and software options, in future, customer and application requirements can be met with even more granular solutions. For example, the number of secure I/Os can be adjusted to the respective requirements of the application.  

In addition, new security functions are integrated in the b maXX 5300, such as transfer of the secure position via FSoE to a high-level safety control. With this function, secure space monitoring and secure collaboration between several axes can be implemented, for example, in robotics applications.  

Higher accuracy with regard to encoder resolutions is possible with the new devices. Thus, used with security technology with a single resolver, the device has a speed resolution of less than 1 rpm. This high position and speed accuracy is particularly important for highly dynamic applications, for example, for textile machines or handling systems. 

A further advantage is the faster response time to events: For example, on triggering the STO security function, the controller is switched without torque with a delay of less than 1 ms. 

In addition, the ETG standard for FSoE communication is implemented with the new generation of the module systems. This means that the b maXX converters can also be easily linked to higher-level safety controls of other manufacturers. 

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