Innovative oackaging applications partnered with Arburg

Innovative oackaging applications…

Customers working in the packaging industry need high-quality automated injection moulding solutions. For the Italian automation specialist Campetella, Arburg is the first choice as a partner for innovative injection moulding technology. Accordingly, a special packaging version of two hybrid Hidrive Allrounders were demonstrated at Campetella Robotic Calling in October and November 2020 in Montecassiano, Italy, in a live presentation of production-efficient injection moulding of thin-wall items. About 400 trade visitors were very enthusiastic about these high-end applications.

“The highest priorities for fast, high-quality mass production in the packaging industry are precision and short cycle times”, says Marco Marconi, Sales Area Manager at Campetella. “That’s exactly what you can expect from the Packaging version of Arburg’s high-performance, hybrid Hidrive machine series.”

Four IML cups in only around 1.9 seconds

A Packaging version of a hybrid Allrounder 570 H with a clamping force of 1,800 kN and a size 800 injection unit demonstrates exactly how these short cycle times can be achieved. The exhibit produced thin-walled PP IML containers weighing four grams each. Equipped with a four-cavity mould from the French company Simon, the high-performance machine was able to reach cycle times of just 1.9 seconds – equating to an output of more than 7,500 IML cups per hour.

The Packaging version of the high-performance Hidrive series of machines has been designed to meet the requirements of the packaging industry. A hybrid Allrounder 570 H (P) produced thin-walled IML containers at Campetella Robotics Calling.

An X-Series Mini-Modula side-entry robot from Campetella was used for inserting the IML labels and removing the finished parts. This automation solution stands out for its extremely small footprint and light and stiff construction, ensuring high production efficiency. The stacked cups on the conveyor belt were placed in storage boxes by a cartesian robot from the latest generation of the X-Series CO1.

Thin-walled application for 200 ml containers

A hybrid Allrounder 630 H in packaging version produced thin-walled PP IML containers with a wall thickness of 0.4 millimetres. Featuring a clamp design and Gestica control system, this machine has a clamping force of 2,300 kN, a size 2100 injection unit and the optional “thin-walled parts” package. In each cycle of 3.0 seconds, the exhibit produced four IML cups that each have a 200 milliltres capacity and weigh 7.55 grams. The four-cavity mould is supplied by Greek company Bazigos. 

A perfect combination: the packaging version of the Allrounder 630 H and automation from Campetella. With this system, IML containers with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm were manufactured at Campetella Robotic Calling.

An automation system from Campetella handled the insertion of IML labels into the mould as well as stacking the finished IML cups onto a conveyor belt. In order to ensure the high quality requirements of IML products, a fully integrated camera system from Mevisco Vision was used. The Spin 3 X-Series Scara robot packed the stacked products into boxes. 

For both applications, the boxes were transported to the warehouse by autonomous mobile robots. In this way,  Campetella demonstrated how the entire process of manufacturing IML products can be automated intelligently – from production to logistics.