Increased payload, reach and value from Wittmann Group’s new W821 robot

Increased payload, reach and value  from Wittmann Group’s new W821 robot
The Wittmann Group has launched a new and improved version of its popular W821 linear robot. The new features on the new robot come at no extra charge and the new models are available now from the Wittmann Group worldwide.

The Wittmann Group leads the field in its automation solutions for plastics injection molders worldwide. Martin Stammhammer, International Sales Manager Robots and Automation, says that “the time is now right for many molders to upgrade their equipment and have the capability to quote for more jobs. With the new W821 we wanted to give our customers some extra performance and enhanced features but at no added cost. I am delighted to say that the W821 has exceeded my expectations in what it delivers.”

The total payload of the new W821 is now increased to 12 kg weight from 10 kg for models with vertical strokes of 1,000 mm. W821 models with longer vertical strokes will continue to carry a 10 kg payload. Another addition to this model type is the increase of the vertical stroke up to 1,400 mm.

Increased payload, reach and value  from Wittmann Group’s new W821 robot

The Z-axis of the new W821 is available in various lengths with standard strokes of 2,000 and 2,500 mm, and with extensions of 500 mm up to 4,000 mm. The upgraded W821 can be also equipped with different rotational servo axes. The standard control for the robot remains Wittmann’s R8.2 unit. The R8.2 control has numerous real time features which are being enhanced and updated by the Vienna-based group on an ongoing basis.

Martin Stammhammer notes that “although everything depends on particular applications, we are recommending the use of the W821 robot on molding machines of up to 400 t of clamping force. Because of their current market situation, many European and American molders are tending to higher payload applications even on smaller tonnage machines. The make-or-break factor now depends even less on the weight of the molded parts, but more on the increasing complexity of end-of-arm tooling increasing the gripper weight.”

This situation applies less to Asian countries – where applications still tend to be pick-and- place. For these markets Wittmann’s W821 increased payload and stroke can be ideally used either for mounting on slightly larger sized molding machines with a maximum reach of 780 mm.

The W821 remains one of the Wittmann Group’s most versatile robots. It is the smallest Wittmann robot model with moveable kick stroke design. The W821 redesign helped it score some 20% increase in sales over its predecessor model, the W721. In common with all Wittmann Group robots, the newly launched W821 comes with a small footprint; equipped with an integrated control cabinet, thus saving valuable production space.

The W821 is offered at a very competitive price and can be configured by the user in many ways: The options range from servo driven rotational motions as well as extensive I/O extensions. The W821 design also offers unlimited flexibility and expandability for current and future applications. This is one of the reasons why the robot belongs to the “universal” created range at the Wittmann Group.