Improved technical properties of Recyclates and Virgin Polymers through Tremin 939

Improved technical properties…

The demands placed on new and innovative plastics are constantly increasing. By adding functional mineral fillers, the behavior of the plastic can be modified and customized. A clever combination of polymer and fillers often offers a technically and economically viable solution for a wide range of modern and demanding applications.

The excellent reinforcing properties of the needle-shaped wollastonite in the TREMIN® 939 product range have proven their worth for years, particularly in polypropylene systems. Wollastonite is a mineral with very good mechanical properties. The long-needled wollastonite grades Tremin 939 are characterized in particular by excellent impact strength values combined with high rigidity. They are therefore ideal for use in crack-sensitive applications and are characterized by other positive features:

  • good electrical properties
  • low thermal expansion
  • exzellent reinforcing properties
  • very good scratch resistance
  • low shrinkage of the finished parts

Just as Tremin 939 improves the thermal and mechanical properties of virgin polymers, it also improves the properties of recycled polymers to prepare them perfectly for their new life cycle. Another big plus for this product range, as the sustainability of products is becoming increasingly important in society and industry and the use of high-quality recycled plastics is required wherever possible.


HPF The Mineral Engineers – Experts in Surface Treatment of Fillers

Targeted surface modification of wollastonite - tailored to the respective area of application - achieves even better technical parameters in the polymer system or in the finished part. HPF The Mineral Engineers has decades of experience in the silanization of high-performance mineral fillers for use in various polymer systems and countless areas of application. With silanized fillers, excellent processability is achieved and higher filling levels can be achieved, which can lead to cost savings.