ICIS PET Value Chain Conference: A Must-Attend Event for PET Professionals

ICIS PET Value Chain Conference:…

Put your business ahead this year and gain an even deeper understanding of the key factors set to dominate the PET and R-PET markets. The ICIS PET Value Chain conference is an event that no PET professional should miss. Taking place in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel from 7-8 March 2023, the conference will bring together the leading experts in the PET industry to discuss the latest trends and developments.

The agenda for the two-day event will cover an array of topics to help keep PET professionals up-to-date with the most current industry insights. From reviewing the supply and demand outlook and feedstock dynamics to exploring regulation updates and uncertainty surrounding energy costs, attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from the experts.Additionally, the conference will feature panel discussions examining the transition towards a circular economy while defending the region’s competitive position as well as assessing the impact of consumer purchase behaviour changes on the PET industry.

At the ICIS PET Value Chain conference, PET professionals will also have the chance to network with their peers and share their own experiences and best practices. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from others in the industry and form new relationships that could lead to future collaborations.

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