Gabriel-Chemie presents the new Colour Vision No. 23 - The Green Task

Gabriel-Chemie presents the…

Natural resources, the feeling of warmth, receiving energy and the astounding spectrum of natural greens are what inspired Gabriel-Chemie to its CV 23 series. The Green Task focuses on our natural surroundings and their benefit to our well-being. The Gabriel-Chemie Group takes pride in preserving our world in a sustainable and meaningful way to be more in harmony with our environment.

All the subsidiaries of the Gabriel-Chemie Group worked on this CV 23 issue and were given “The Green Task” of analysing new trending colours across Europe and being part of this creative process. The genesis of our annual collections is influenced by socio-economic impulses and colour-trends from other industrial sectors. Every theme is then developed into nine innovative colour-plaques.

For many industries, being ecologically responsible has become a pressing priority. Gabriel-Chemie adheres to its sustainability pledge through creative colour combinations and materials inspired by nature. Selected effect-pigments are curated to bring this charm and character to life. Deliberate dissonance is created with artificial effect-pigments provoking natural colour impressions. A special highlight is the creation “Mystic Green” - with an oscillating colour spectrum in blue and green tones upon turning the object. Even marble effects are possible to recreate, because just like in nature, all objects differ in nuances. Making plastic objects more individual becomes easier, with the added benefit of more vibrant and rewarding results.

The creative collaboration of all of Gabriel-Chemie’s subsidiaries on the development of “The Green Task” and its Colour Vision 23 is the source of its pride.