G-Max XL: The new large-size blade granulator from the Wittmann Group

G-Max XL: The new large-size…

The new large- model in the Wittmann beside-the-press blade granulator series, the G-Max XL, is ideal for grinding larger injection molded parts up to 500mm x 200mm.

Due to its compact footprint, performance and maximum material throughput of 100 kg per hour, the G-Max XL can be used as a beside-the-press granulator for inline recycling of sprues and reject parts during the start-up phase of the processing machine. It is also possible to use the G-Max XL as a central granulator.

The open design of the 3-blade cutting rotor makes the G-Max XL ideal for grinding heat-sensitive materials that still contain heat from processing. Open spaces between the blades and the rotor shaft ensure the best ventilation and therefore good cooling. The knives can be changed very easily. Using a pre-adjustment fixture for the cutting gap, the knives are preset outside the cutting chamber to the correct distance from the two fixed counter blades. The rotating and fixed blades, which are angled in opposite directions, ensure a clean scissor cut.

The G-Max XL is driven by three V-belts, which ensure optimal torque and a low speed of 340 rpm at 50 Hz. At this speed hardly any particles are carried around the rotor, allowing them to pass through the screen in an optimal manner. The result is a significantly cleaner and more uniform regrind as well as optimized throughput - with the lowest possible noise development and low energy consumption.


The sound-insulated material hopper further reduces the noise level. The feeding hopper can be aligned both horizontally and vertically. This means there is the option of feeding parts either by robot, conveyor belt or by hand.

The granulator is certified according to the CE safety standard EN12012-1, and interesting options are available for it:

  • To prevent the feeding of metal parts, a magnet can be placed on one side of the hopper.
  • Grinding warm or hot material is made much easier by a water-cooled cutting chamber.

The robust welded steel construction and functional design are valued by plastics processors who strive for high productivity and demand durability and ease of use. No tools are required to access the cutting chamber or the screen fixture, which also makes cleaning and maintenance extremely easy. This means that even material and color changes can be carried out very quickly - further increasing productivity.

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