From the small EOS to the giant Bi-Power

At the top of the range lies the BI-Power series: designed in Imola, it makes full use of decades of experience in the large press sector in which the brand is market leader. On show at Plast will be a VH 1300, a 1300 ton pallet-making press equipped with a 3-axis Cartesian Sytrama robot.

Distinguishing features include an extremely reduced cycle time of just over half a minute: a high performance solution that is, as on the other large presses in the BI-POWER series, combined with excellent consumption containment and exceptional flexibility. Presses, then, able to meet the technological needs of the major Italian and international industrial groups: these include FIAT, which enjoys long standing relations with this Sacmi Group business unit and recently purchased its tenth BI-Power unit, a VH press with a clamping force of 3500 tons for the production of car and industrial vehicle instrument panels and dashboards. The range of industries to which BI-Power currently provides presses is vast: in addition to automotive and white-brown home appliances, they are used to make TV frames, washing machine drums and special pieces for the world’s major manufacturing companies.

A special occasion, Plast, that Sacmi aims to make the most of by showcasing some of the products made with the aid of innovative technology for closures, a field in which Sacmi has led the world with process and product innovations that have gone on to become industry standards. Here, the star of the show is the CCM (continuous compression moulding) series.

These presses offer outstanding production performance – with output as high as 2.200 caps per minute – thanks to exceptionally short cycle times and extremely contained energy consumption. High per-cavity output makes them the ideal solution for the production of lightweight single-piece mineral water caps (printable diameter up to 33 mm), yet equally versatile when it comes to mono and two-piece CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink) caps. On the energy front CCM consumption is just 0.75 kWh/kg at maximum output, a level unlikely to be equalled even by the best competition technology.

And it is thanks to this union between know-how developed by Sacmi over the last twenty years in closure-related continuous compression technology and preform blow-moulding innovation that Sacmi is also able to offer CBF (Compression Blow Forming), currently the world’s most competitive technology for passing directly from resin to bottle, from raw material to container. All thanks to an innovative thermoplastic transformation process that allows for the production of a “one-step” container starting from the grain or pellet. A reliable, flexible and high-performance solution suitable for processing all commercially available resins such as HDPE, PS, PET and PP.

The fair will also offer an opportunity to see the innovative IPS, a new-concept press for the injection moulding of PET preforms that makes full use of the Sacmi Group’s decades of experience in the industry.

Every day a Sacmi shuttle service will link the fair to the parent company in Imola where a working 48-cavity model of the machine with a 220 ton clamping force will be on display.

In a special area that will also host a CCM - a compression machine for the manufacture of caps, an area in which Sacmi is the undisputed leader - visitors will be able to enjoy a hands-on look at innovative solutions for personalised, integrated cap-preform solutions that combine high performance with reduced energy costs, lower raw material consumption and lower running costs.


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