From the small EOS to the giant Bi-Power

From the small EOS to the giant Bi-Power
The full Negri Bossi range will be on show at Plast 2012 in Milan. Here, the focus will be on extensive personalisation of solutions as a function of application and on the SE (smart energy) brand, set to become a key feature of this Sacmi Group company, one of Europe’s leading designers and builders of thermoplastic injection moulding presses

Negri Bossi is getting ready for Plast 2012, the international plastic and rubber fair to be held in Milan from 15th to 18th May. The company will be showcasing a wide range of machines and applications, from small tonnages – the field of application covered by the all-new EOS units – to the powerful Bi-Power series capable of producing large one-step items.

Already the key element of the renewed Negri Bossi range for some months now, the EOS series stands out not just on account of extreme compactness but also because of the advanced technology that eliminates lubrication, ensuring absolute mould zone cleanliness and perfect product integrity. The ideal application, then, for the bio-medical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Given such versatility, two distinct versions of the press will be on show at Plast: an EOS 65 with a cap-making mould and an EOS 80 LSR (liquid silicone) for the moulding of feeding bottle teats. Both these EOS units also boast the SE (smart energy) suffix, a real trademark used across the entire Negri Bossi range to denote the use of extremely effective energy consumption containment solutions.

Milan from 15th to 18th May

From the ‘small’ EOS, then, to the Vesta full electric series. At the fair the Sacmi Group, one of Europe’s leading producers of thermoplastic injection moulding presses, will be showcasing a 170 ton model equipped with a 3-axis SY 100 Cartesian robot, made by Sytrama; the latter was recently incorporated into Negri Bossi and is a strategic partner for the development of process automation solutions. The Vesta will be equipped with a 52-cavity mould for the production of impact-resistant PS (polystyrene) cappuccino spoons that, thanks to the robot, are then automatically picked and packed in sachets at the rear of the press.

Also on show will be the Janus 220 SE, a hybrid press with outstandingly competitive consumption levels, shown at the fair in a ‘pure’ packaging configuration for the production of disposable polystyrene cups - of the sort used on board aircraft - with a four-cavity mould. Once again, a Sytrama robot plays a key role: the SY 811 ‘side entry’ model picks the pieces in the moulding zone and deposits them beyond the press. Accumulators ensure excellent production performance - especially the high injection speeds that are particularly recommended with thin articles like cups - while the inverter optimises energy consumption.

Consumption containment is an unswerving policy at Negri Bossi and one that provides advantages even in the most traditional applications. That’s why the company will also be bringing a CanBio 430 SE to the fair. A traditional hydraulic machine with a ‘long cycle’ lasting about 75 seconds, the press allows savings of up to 45% with respect to currently available hydraulic solutions. Proposed here with a single-cavity mould for flower vase production, the press features gas-assisted moulding technology which offers the dual advantages of an excellent product finish and a generally more efficient production process. Once again, the press enjoys the presence of a reliable ‘partner’, the SY 190 automated piece handling robot.

Pressing tonnages rise again with the Vector 650 SE, on show in Milan with a cutting-edge application for the automotive sector. Equipped with a two-cavity mould, this powerful press makes polycarbonate-ABS car headlight bodies of the kind used on sports-style racing cars. The press runs according to a 60-second cycle and works in conjunction with the SY 200 robot.


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