First deliveries of R&P Polyplastic to the Polish market

First deliveries of R&P Polyplastic…

On April 9 the first commercial batch of Armamid PA6 GF 15-1T has been dispatched from the Moscow warehouse and in a couple of days received by the Polish distribution company MOBI Sp. z o.o. MOBI Sp. zo.o. is one of the leading distribution companies in Eastern Europe with over 30 years of experience. Supply volume of the first delivery was 10 tons. 

The Polish side made a decision to purchase the commercial batch based on successful initial tests of free samples provided by R&P Polyplastic. “This is our new experience of cooperation with a Russian company and we are glad it was successful. R&P Polyplastic made a good proposal in terms of prices and delivery time. We are truly delighted to represent R&P Polyplastic on the Polish market”, noted Tatiana Moj, Plastics Department Director at MOBI Sp. z o.o.

R&P Polyplastic entered the Polish market within its Export Rush program, which has been implemented by the company since 2017. This strategy is aimed at developing export sales in Europe. Today, regular shipments already take place to Germany and the Baltic states – in comparison with the start of the project amount of export shipments more than doubled. Approaching the Polish market is another opportunity to develop the company’s exports.  

“In the list of attractive countries created by the Russian Export Centre Poland holds the second position, its economy is among the 30 world’s major economies with annual GDP growth over 3%. Cooperation with Poland is an ambitious project and we hope that with the help of a reliable and well-known distributor MOBI Sp. z o.o. our supplies will be constantly developing”, noted Pavel Kruglov, Director General of Trade House Polyplastic – authorized representative of R&P Polyplastic.  

It is worth mentioning that the volume of export sales of R&P Polyplastic is constantly rising. Following the results of 2020 shipments to Europe and the CIS grew by 41.3% comparing to the year 2019.  

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