Exolon Group: promoting the circular economy with Ecorange

Exolon Group: promoting the…

The Exolon Group is reinforcing its commitment to the circular economy with the addition of rECO and rECOplus to its Ecorange multiwall and solid sheet assortment. Under the name Ecorange, the company is launching new products that make use of recycled materials. Exolon Group’s Ecorange is an assortment of products that ensures greater sustainability through a reduced ecological footprint. It currently consists of 12 Exolon, Vivak and Axpet products in four product ranges.

Keeping the entire value chain in view

Plastics from the material cycle - pre- and post-consumer waste - are recycled to create the sheet material used in rECO and rECOplus. They supplement the previous sustainable ECO sheet types with at least 40% ground material from own production and increase the renewable raw material content in ECOplus to up to 89%. For ECOplus polycarbonate products, we have adopted the mass-balance approach, with renewable raw materials being used at the beginning of the production chain as a replacement for fossil raw materials, thereby reducing the overall CO2 footprint.

rECO and rECOplus

The rECO solid sheets are a circular product made from between 50% and almost 100% pre-consumer waste. This waste is generated after the sheets have left the factory, but before they are used in their final application, e.g. when cutting the final product. This not only reduces waste during the further processing of the sheets, but ensures full use of this precious plastic resource.

The Exolon Group uses recycled material from post-consumer waste for its rECOplus polyester sheets. The sheets contain 25% polyester from products that have reached the end of their life and have been reprocessed into new granules.

ISCC Plus certified

The Exolon Group is certified according to ISCC Plus (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). Through this, the company ensures the entire supply chain has been checked and guarantees the complete traceability of all recycled materials used back to the source.

Consistent quality

The sheets in the Ecorange assortment are in no way inferior to standard products in terms of their mechanical and visual quality. This is because we use selected recycled materials of the highest quality. This preserves the typical properties of the material.

"Closing the Loop" project

The Exolon Group is committed to finding solutions for the environment, the circular economy and sustainability. Part of these efforts include ensuring a secure supply of high-quality recycled materials to maintain high product quality. As part of the "Closing the Loop" project, together with recycling specialist Pekutherm Kunststoff GmbH, the company is encouraging its customers to recycle pre- and post-consumer materials to a high-quality standard. The Exolon Group establishes ties between the customer and the recycler, which turns used plastics into raw materials for new sheets.