Evonik at K 2016

Evonik at K 2016
"Create the Exceptional" - this is the motto of Evonik Industries, one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, in Hall 6 / Stand B28 of the K 2016 trade fair in Dusseldorf. From October 19 to 26, the chemical company will present extraordinary solution approaches and creative ideas developed in close collaboration with customers.

Continuously growing metropolitan areas continue to offer attractive business prospects, especially for key industries. At the same time, however, the progressive urbanization also requires massive efforts in the area of sustainability. How companies can meet this challenge with the help of specialty chemicals is shown by Evonik Industries at this year's plastics trade fair. In 2015 the company had sales of about 3 billion Euro in the plastics market.

In addition to innovative plastics, Evonik also offers a broad range of specialty monomers and additives, which are developed in close cooperation with customers to meet the demands of the sector.

Examples of innovative solutions at K 2016

Additive production: For years, Evonik has been developing specialty plastic materials that permit industrial production of high-tech components through 3D printing. The processing and properties profile of Polyamide-12-based powers of the brand VESTOSINT is attuned optimally to the respective 3D printing technology. Evonik provides continuous support for the development of new products for 3D printing and will participate in the "Open Platform Program" of Hewlett Packard, amongst others.

Automobile: Evonik offers specialty plastics for the widest variety of applications for automobiles. For instance, because of its specific properties, the new PLEXIGLAS NTA-5 is especially well suited for sturdy, non-transparent body parts in the lower area of vehicles. In modern LED headlights, the applications of PLEXIGLAS and PLEXIMID molding compounds include large headlight lenses, edge-lit lenses, light guides for daytime running lights, and optical lens systems for dynamic blinker function.

VESTAMID Polyamide 12 and Polyamide 612 are the world's most widely used polyamides for lines in automobiles. Evonik continuously adapts the underlying systems to new requirements of the industry. The most recent is the result of fuels that contain alcohol: low-leaching fuel line systems. The solution is the innovative multi-layer fuel line system MLT 4800. It offers a significant reduction in the content of leachable substances.

Standard materials can often not meet the high demands in the automobile area, which often requires many different and demanding solutions. The innovative TEGOMER additive solutions are used here to improve necessary properties such as scratch-resistance or flame protection in plastics. With TEGOMER AntiScratch 100, for example, Evonik offers state-of-the-art additive solutions to permanently protect plastic components that are scratch sensitive - such as door panels - without causing irritating effects on the surface.

Construction industry: The crosslinking with silane extends considerably the service life of polyethylene water lines at continuous operating temperatures of 90°C. Dynasylan SILFIN 50 was developed especially for the area of drinking water. Such crosslinked HD-PE lines are significantly lighter, offer greater resistance to crack formation, and also have improved resistance to corrosion and wear.


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