Evonik at K 2016

Medical technology: Another area of application for high-performance plastics is medical technology. Particularly for implants in the human body, the requirements upon materials used are high. VESTAKEEP PEEK is biocompatible and can be used, among other things, for spinal implants, bridges, crowns in the dental area, in orthopaedics, and also pharmacy.

CYROLITE multipolymers are the world's most highly developed PMMA-based polymers for medical technology. They meet the requirements of USP Class 6 and 26, Tripartite, ISO 10993-1, and FDA and can be sterilized with gamma radiation and ETO gas. They are also resistant to lipids, offer good impact resistance, transparency, and light transmittance. The typical applications include disposable medical articles, such as IV and catheter accessories, blood/plasma collection containers, thoracic drainage sets, accessories for respiratory apparatus, medical filters, and device housings.

High-tech textiles: With novel biobased polyamide fibers based on VESTAMID Terra, Evonik offers a solution in the textile area with a maximum wearing comfort and unmatched performance. The fibers are extremely light, elastic and breathable. Processed to high-quality materials, they prevent smells thanks to permanent natural bacteriostatic properties. In addition, they dry quickly and need no ironing.

Processing: Free-flowing antistatic powders and granulates can be processed easily. SIPERNAT Specialty Silica, AEROSIL Fumed Silica, and AEROXIDE Fumed Metal Oxides are highly efficient flow and anti-caking agents that keep sticky powders or granulates flowing, even after long periods of storage at high pressure and temperature. For problems with electrostatic charging during the handling of polymer powders, for example, AEROXIDE Alu C can help.

With TAICROS and TAICROSM Evonik offers two crosslinkers for electron beam crosslinking of polyamide (PA). It is these additives that make electron beam crosslinking of PA possible at all, thus providing improved material characteristics. The crosslinking leads to increased structural stability at high temperatures as well as improved aging resistance in PA.

TAICROS and TAICROSM crosslinked polyamides make it possible to replace many materials cost-effectively in many applications (such as contact holders, plug-in electrical connections). Furthermore, TAC and TAICROS are interesting components for new composite materials for high-performance printed circuit boards.

In addition, with triacetonamine (TAA) and its derivatives, Evonik offers important components for the production of sterically hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). These additives are used at low concentrations, in order to protect polymers against degradation due to light, oxygen, and heat. They are typically used in the automotive area and for greenhouse films.

For applications in the area of oil additives, Evonik also has ambitious goals. Under the DYNAVIS brand, the company offers a technology designed to improve the flow characteristics of hydraulic fluids. DYNAVIS fluids widen the temperature window and achieve an increase in the efficacy of hydraulic units. In injection molding equipment, the technology demonstrably lowers energy consumption, thus contribute considerably to save resources.

Evonik is a worldwide manufacturer of PMMA products sold under the PLEXIGLAS trademark on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents and under the ACRYLITE trademark in the Americas.