Erema Discovery Days 2012

Having invested 5 million euros in its Customer Centre Erema has now realised an ambitious project which sets new standards in customer service. What makes it so unique is not only the fact that the world's most ultramodern plastics recycling technology of the highest quality can now be seen with seven systems in operation on 1,200 m2 of floor space but also that these seven systems will be available for customers of Erema to carry out test runs for their own materials.

Existing and potential customers can experience live – either close up on the professionally designed presentation area or from the integrated lounge with its comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and panoramic view of the Centre – how these test materials are turned into high- quality recycled pellets. Erema has a cast and blown film plant at its disposal to verify the quality of the recycled pellets produced to make the end product.

Erema already carries out over 400 trials every year for customers throughout the entire world. The material for these trials was previously tested in the R&D (Research and Development) Centre. Thanks to the Erema Customer Centre it is now possible for the first time to carry out these test runs in a separate area, away from the internal development tests. "This means on the one hand that the quality of customer service can be improved significantly while on the other hand important resources of the Erema R&D Centre are available for the continuous new and further developments of Erema's product portfolio," says Manfred Hackl, convinced of the double benefit of the project.

With the presentation of a new technological product innovation in the course of the Erema Discovery Days 2012 Erema once again underscored its reputation as the global market and innovation leader in the development and manufacturing of plastic recycling systems. The newly developed COREMA technology brings together all the benefits of recycling and compounding in one system for the first time. This gives customers a whole host of opportunities along the value added chain.

The necessary compounding technology comes from Coperion, the global market leader in this segment. In this process, inexpensive raw recycling material is turned into filter melt using proven, robust Erema technology which then goes directly to the co-rotating twin-screw extruder from Coperion. The desired fillers can be admixed in doses that are higher than those previously possible with Erema recycling systems. The result is customised plastic compounds for a variety of high-quality applications.



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