Ensingers's TECAPEEK for vacuum forming applications

Ensingers's TECAPEEK for vacuum forming applications
Ensinger is launching the new TECAPEEK VF, offering outstanding thermal and chemical resistance.

In recent years, increasing material requirements have made TECAPEEK the material of choice for multiple applications. Specifically for vacuum forming applications, Ensinger presents the new TECAPEEK VF, offering outstanding thermal and chemical resistance.

Due to manufacturing requirement for light and large surface parts which have to be stable, combined with increasing proliferation of options in technical applications, vacuum forming processes have gained in importance. Vacuum forming is no longer a domain only for standard plastics: increasing requirements in thermal and mechanical loads calls for new material solutions.

TECAPEEK for vacuum forming applications

Products made from TECAPEEK VF combine the well tried characteristics of TECAPEEK with new processing possibilities. If increasing safety and material requirements have to be combined with thin walled parts, TECAPEEK is the optimised material choice. The newly developed product, based on the well known high performance polymer Victrex PEEK, is physiologically harmless, can be sterilised with all common methods and is inherently flame retardant.

Offering approvals for aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical technology, vacuum formed TECAPEEK VF is a very cost effective alternative for these industries. Further application fields for this new product are semicon industries, chemical industries (e.g. as liners in tank construction) or mechanical engineering (for trays or baskets). In the electronics industry, TECAPEEK VF can be used for antenna housings due to its resistance and transparency to electromagnetic waves. The new products can also be used for established processing methods such as punching of parts or seals, cutting and bending or as semi-finished shapes for micro technology.

The portfolio of TECAPEEK VF sheets fills in the gap between the classical foil range with thickness of up to 0.8 mm and the extruded plates of more than 5 mm thickness. The sheets are available as stock shapes in thickness of 1, 2 and 3 mm with dimensions of 610 x 1220 mm.