Engel presents EN ISO 14120-compliant safety guarding at Fakuma 2018

Engel presents EN ISO 14120-compliant… With its newly developed EN ISO 14120-compliant safety guarding, Engel offers a significant safety boost. In addition to this, the modular solution enables particularly easy configuration and installation. Engel is presenting the new development at Fakuma 2018 from 16th to 20th October in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

EN ISO 14120 "Safety of machinery - Guards - General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards" places even higher demands on the strength of protective guards than its predecessor EN 953. Above all, the external load capacity is defined in concrete terms. In the pendulum test, the safety guarding must withstand a 90 kilogram sandbag.

Modular and highly flexible

Engel's goal in developing the new safety guarding was not only to reliably meet the requirements of the new standard, but also to ensure greater flexibility for users. The result is a modular design matrix with an extensive selection of protective panels and control elements such as openings, control cabinets, cable conduits, and revolving and sliding doors. Individual layouts can also be implemented in a cost-efficient way. In addition, the new solution can be adapted and extended to changing requirements at any time. In many cases, one person is all it takes to assemble the safety guarding in a short period of time.

Engel compliant safety guarding

The new modular EN ISO 14120-compliant safety guarding improves safety in production.

Easier to maintain

In order to simplify maintenance and servicing, the electrotechnical area has been optimised. The electronics of the safety doors, for example, are no longer located in the door frame, but in easily accessible door connection boxes. The new TÜV-approved safety guarding is offered as standard for both stand-alone injection moulding machines with a conveyor belt and integrated and automated production cells. It is consistently styled in the continuous and functional Engel design and is very easy to clean. In combination with an options package, the new safety guarding also meets requirements for clean room production.

Source: Engel
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