Engel at Plastpol 2014 in Kielce

Technical moulding: all-electric on a small footprint

A fifth Engel injection moulding machine awaits visitors at the stand of Engel's partner Lenzkes Spanntechnik (hall F, stand F-4). This is where an all-electric Engel e-mac 440/100 will produce dice cups. The Engel e-mac machines strive to combine maximum precision with maximum efficiency when manufacturing technical parts and electronic components. Thanks to their remarkably compact design, these machines will also save customers production floor space and lower their operating costs. The servo drives are operated by a modern axis system solution involving a stabilised intermediate circuit. The braking energy is recovered and fed directly back into the grid, guaranteeing an unusually high level of energy efficiency. The Engel e-mac injection moulding machines work with very high repetition accuracy and, because of the parallel movements of the different drive axes, reduce cycle times.

Engel plus: Smart service products for greater productivity

At Plastpol 2014 the machine manufacturer dedicates a separate exhibition area to its service products and services under the heading Engel plus. Among others the Engel e‑service.24 and the Engel e-factory 2 will take centre stage there.

With Engel e-factory 2, the new release of Engel's MES solution, Engel is setting new standards in production data acquisition. Thanks to its enhanced set of features, Engel e‑factory 2 can be connected directly to ERP systems such as SAP – even injection molding machines of different brands can now be integrated. This way the operations manager can keep an eye on production figures from his desk in real time and take immediate counter actions in case of deviations. This leads to greater productivity and higher production plant availability.

The Engel e-service.24 package also contributes to availability. Engel service engineers can use a remote connection, after approval by the customer, in order to access the machine data in real time, and immediately start troubleshooting following an error message. The Engel team can give the machine operators on site specific instructions and explanations by audio, video or text conferencing. Many problems can easily be resolved over the Internet in this manner, and plastics manufacturers can avoid a costly and time-consuming service call on-site.

The service products are firm features of Engel's system philosophy. Even for pre-existing machines, robots, and system solutions they continue to offer new optimising potential in the course of the entire machine life cycle.

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